Friendly League – Rules


  • Each side to provide one umpire (this can be a player).
  • Each side to provide one scorer.
  • Whites are preferred but not required – the most important requirement is that appropriate shoes are worn to protect the playing area.
  • NO METAL SPIKES are to be used on the artificial pitch under any circumstances. Teams captains are requested to pass this on to all players prior to the first match of the season.
  • Both sides should have spare balls in case of a ball being lost.
  • Club score book to be used unless scoring spreadsheet is used.
  • Team captains are advised to make contact during the week prior to a match to ensure availability.
  • All games to start at 1:00 pm unless otherwise agreed between the two captains.
  • Score book and balls to be collected from The Plough before and returned to The Plough after each game.


  • Normal rules of cricket to apply.
  • The match is 30 overs per innings, one innings per team.
  • Batsmen retire on 25 runs (e.g. player on 24 hits a 4, retires with 28 runs).
  • Retired batsmen can bat again – once all other wickets have fallen/retired. (Side all out when 10 wickets fall). In the case of multiple retired batsmen they should bat again in the order that they retired (scorers please note this clearly).
  • Bowlers can bowl a maximum of 5 overs per innings and a maximum of 3 overs in any spell. There must be a minimum of 4 overs between the end of one bowling spell and the start of the next.
  • Wides and no-balls are scored in the normal manner.
  • Points awarded as follows:

    2 points for a win
    1 point to each team for a draw

  • If a game has to stop for any reason once it has started, then it will be counted as a draw and all bonus points will count also.
  • If a game is rained off before a ball has been bowled then the captains can agree to call it a draw or re-arrange the fixture as they see fit.
  • Captains must give at least 24 hours notice to the opposing captain if they cannot raise a side or wish to call off a fixture for any other reason.
  • If a team does not turn up without giving notice then 2 points for the win willl be awarded to the team that has turned up – unless agreement is reached between the team captains that the fixture be re-arranged.
  • The umpire’s decision is final.
  • 6 and out rule applies to Tebworth Road and Hill Close boundaries only and are marked clearly by white posts.