Festival of Cricket – 10-10 Competition

This competition has been held annually for some years now, with little changes to the rules. A fun, good natured competition enjoyed by players and spectators equally.


Teams to be registered BY 10.15.

First game must be underway at 10.30am

Cost is £6 per player.

For the benefit of the scorer, captains must complete a team sheet before each game defining both the batting and the bowling order, and will conform to this during play. The bowling order may be changed for the second match played, but the batting order will be reversed, as mentioned above.

Subs will be allowed but must be a 1 for 1 swap. Changing the batting order will not be permitted.

10 overs a side – all 10 players bar the wicket keeper bowl an over each. 6’s hit by any player that goes over a field boundary (between the white marker posts) will be allowed. If a 6 is hit over a road boundary then this will result in the player being out immediately. (This is place to reduce the chance of damage or injury to passing motorist or pedestrians).

The batsman will retire on 10.

In the event of a tie the least wickets lost will determine the winner. If this is also the same the most runs scored in the first 5 overs will count. If this is still the same the match will be decided by a toss of a coin.

The format of play is as follows:

  • Teams pulled from hat
  • 1st V 2nd and 3rd v 4th
  • The winner of 1st and 2nd will play the loser of 3rd and 4th and vice versa.
  • Points will scored in a similar way to the league:
    • 3 points for a win
    • 1 point for a draw
  • In the event of a tie the above rules will apply
  • If there is time at the end of the day, a 3rd / 4th play-off will played.

Please Note: Harassment of the scorer / timer during games will not be permitted. Any queries you may have can be dealt with after the game has been played, but only the captain of that team is permitted to approach the scorer.

No bottles / cans will be permitted on the field of play – this is to allow a quick turn around between games without having to clear the field!


Max. Bowling time is 40 min’s. A warning will be sounded at 35 min’s. For every minute over the 40, a penalty of 2 runs will incurred.

Batsmen must be padded up and ready to get in immediately a wicket is lost. Please ensure your team are aware of their batting position.

There will be a surplus of part used / new balls so that no time will be lost looking for them. Non-playing teams will look for the ball whilst the game continues.

Umpires & second scorer to be provided by the non-playing teams.

Entertainment and refreshment

A bar-b-que will be available all day, selling burgers, bacon rolls, hot dogs etc etc. Other items will be available, once we sort out the menu!!

A licensed bar will also be provided.

There will be an extended spectator area, partitioned with high metal fencing, so please bring supporters along for moral support (and to spend money at the bar!!).

On a more serious note, could all parents please ensure their children are supervised at all times. Although we will be putting safety measures in place, a cricket ball travelling at 80 – 90mph will hurt. We will attempt to provide an area where children can play in safety.

Once the competition has finished, all are welcome back at The Plough Inn, Wingfield for celebrations and commisserations!